Отдых в белокурихе - Баня в белокурихе


On a log ladder you can climb to the second floor, where you may have a professional 10-foot stone pool.


Billiard game can be recommended as a readily available, contributing to the maintenance of an athlete correct posture and good physical shape. The game does not require of excellent heart and lungs, which, conversely, supported by a player in good condition. Consequently, the pool is above all a kind of physical conditioning of the body.

In addition, he develops the eye, produces precision and coordination, quick response, resourcefulness. Gradually, the player learns patience and coolness.

Billiards balances the emotions and produces a number of qualities required by a person in life. He teaches us to win, straining the full force of will, and to overcome the resistance of an opponent. Billiards learn and play - without falling into panic or despair, and not losing faith in themselves.


Billiards - an excellent means of relaxation. He removes the accumulated tension in the first few minutes. The playing is almost completely distracted from the everyday trivialities and given an exciting contest.


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